Tracy Wharvell

Tracy has worked in social care began over thirty-eight years, as a practitioner delivering social care and working at a national level; influencing and shaping social care policy.

Tracy has worked in Norfolk since 2012, in several different roles. Including supporting social care providers to improve, develop and diversify services. Seeing great practice in Norfolk all the time, and being inspired by the quality, passionate, creativity and innovative. We have a committed workforce of unsung heroes who need a voice.

Tracy believes the Norfolk Care Awards provides the platform to showcase the best and our care heroes can sing.

As a co-founder of the Norfolk Care Awards in 2013, the first ceremony took place on February 2014. Norfolk Care Awards relies on the generosity of its sponsors. The Gala evening is streamed live with over 1000 viewers watching the event live.

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Claire Gilbert

Claire is a Learning & Development Consultant who’s name has become synonymous with developing and delivering innovative and highly effective approaches to experiential learning in the field of health and social care with particular interest in dementia care. Claire is probably best known for leading the highly successful Care Coach programme for the Norfolk & Suffolk Dementia Alliance, her work extends to clients as diverse as: The East of England Co-Op, The National Trust, UEA and Bradford University.

Claire has amassed a wealth of hands-on experience of social care, from kitchen assistant to residential care home manager and is passionate about the delivery of compassionate, person-centred care. More recently Claire has been delivering quality improvement programmes to the sector with specific leadership, culture and CQC themes. Driven by her vision to ensure that excellence in care and support is appropriately recognised and rewarded, Claire is a co-founder of The Norfolk Care Awards.

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